Rage of Demons

City of Blades
No safe harbor.

In the wake of Buppido's betrayal, an unlikely rescuer in Derendil, and an unprecedented Drow ambush, led by old nemesis Ilvara Mizzrym, the adventurers' brush with death leads them only closer to the safety of near-approaching Gracklstugh. Though the beacon of hope they sought, is but a glimmer of what can be expected in the City of Blades. 

With Friends Like These
Friends become foes.

Having rid Borremoss of a festering plague, derived from the presence of demon lord Laogzed, who dwelled in a sunken tomb near the village; the adventurers now continue their plan of escaping the Underdark, and the demonic presences within, for good. 

The Sunken Tomb
Something rotten is at the heart of Borremoss.

Having freshly arrived at the gloomy settlement of Borremoss, you are already exposed to news of a dangerous corruption festering from an unknown source; its dark effect tainting the local flora, including the Mire's Jewel, a healing flower of interest to Undyne.  So, with some information from the village yeoman, a rugged Merfolk named Nido, you begin your investigation into the corruption's source. Some villagers blame the meddlesome hag Maven Delve, while others would look towards the strange beasts roaming around the cemetery as a catalyst for this foul essence that has spread. Whatever the cause, it is your task to uncover the root of the evil; and destroy it at its source. 

Murky Waters
The tides are twisted.

After barely escaping the Demogorgon's attack on Sloobudop; the adventurers commence their journey across the Darklake to the potential safety of Gracklstugh. However, things become complicated when the ragtag crew hit rough waters, and a series of unfortunate events ensues.  

A Rude Awakening
A powerful evil lies in waiting.

After beginning their perilous travels from Velkynelve, the adventurers dared to battle an injured Vrock, encounter the strange residents of the Underdark, including a member of the Society of Brilliance, Sloopidoop, who directed the party to Sloobudop, by traversing the treacherous Silken Paths. However, a distraction by promise of treasure led the adventurers to the Lost Tomb of Khaem, where they fought spectres and ultimately plundered the tomb for Dawnbringer. 

Now, the adventurers approach the Darklake, but as is the nature of this twisted realm, not all is as it seems, and in the depths of the earth; chaos is lingering. 

Into Darkness
A trail of unusual encounters awaits.

Where we last left off, our adventurers: Milford, Undyne, Tala and Andromeda escaped their sinister Drow captors at the Velkynelve slave camp. However, a tremor in the caverns and an onslaught of unusual, and potentially demonic beings complicated their escape plan. The result being that Andromeda, Eldeth and Derendil were separated from the core group of Milford, Undyne, Tala, Stool, Shuushar, Buppido and Jimjar. Now, the three adventurers and their quirky fellowship must lose their captors for good, by venturing into darkness. 

Prisoners of the Drow
Enslaved, and desperate to escape.

From different backgrounds, our band of ragtag characters have found themselves in a dire predicament, imprisoned by wicked and cruel Drow slavers. With a certain fate of either execution or slavery if the group should become helpless, they must collaborate with eachother, and those around them, in an attempt to escape their captors, and eventually the Underdark. 


- The party found themselves in the clutches of sinister Drow, who oversaw a slave operation at the outpost of Velkynelve. They are stripped of belongings and taken to a slave pen. 

- It has been nine days since their arrival, Milford finds himself the target of Ront's taunting, extending as far as to spill and waste Milford's thin mushroom broth. However, the teasing climaxes with the increasing noise drawing the attention of the guards, who summon Ilvara, the latter punishing Ront with several lashings of her tentacle rod. When drinking the broth, Jimjar bribes the guard on-duty with a rare blue gem, with which he is given an additional bowl of broth. However, this bowl contains a key which unlock the manacles that bind each of the prisoners. 

- Before the prisoners are sent to the nearby construction site, two other prisoners who have just returned from working there, both Drow; named Andromeda and Sarith, arrive as the others are about to be taken away.

- The group came together to hatch a plan, involving Tala shapeshifting into a spider, and crawling into the guard tower for supplies, during a march to the nearby construction site. 

- Jorlan Duskryn offers the prisoners who are off-duty, Andromeda and Sarith, an easy escape, by leaving their cell door unlocked, so that his superiors will feel humiliated. Later, he promises to sound a horn, alerting the construction site guards, to return to Velkynelve. 

- In a tunnel on route to the construction site; Milford and Undyne break free from their bonds, and the former creates a loud bang, which distracts the guards. During their investigation, Jimjar unlocks his manacles, and then proceeds to unlock everyone elses,  allowing them an escape back to Velkynelve, however due to the guards returning and time running out for Jimjar, Topsy & Turvy are left behind in the tunnels during their escape, but the guards are quick to pursue the remaining prisoners.

- After meeting up with Andromeda and Sarith, and being informed of their new and altered plan, thanks to Jorlan's influence, Tala leads them to the shrine to Lolth, where they engage in battle with some guards and junior priestess Asha. Consequently, Asha and the guards are slain, and the party are quick to retrieve their stolen gear from a trunk in Ilvara's quarters, which they have to carry to the ropebridge.

- It is here, that a giant spider that guards the bridge, drops from the cavern ceiling, and kills Sarith during combat. However, Andromeda and Tala manage to kill the giant spider, before finding an open area of Velkynelve, occupied by a couple of guards and Jorlan. 

- Undyne flees ahead of her fellow prisoners, and reaches the gates of Velkynelve, where she is put in shackles and taken to see the current lieutenant in command, Jorlan. Meanwhile, Ilvara, Shoor and other guards are quick on the pursuit of the remaining prisoners, except Topsy & Turvy, whose status is unknown.

- A mighty battle is about to ensue, when Milford and the remaining camp of prisoners reach the open gates of Velkynelve, and are confronted by the two Drow guards, and Jorlan, who slaughters the one guard, while Jimjar sneaks behind the other, and begins to stab him repeatedly with a shiv he has kept on his person. 

- During this initial conflict, which escalates as the other guards, including Ilvara and Shoor, catch up, matters complicate, as an echoing in the caverns of Velkynelve intensifies, and a couple of demonic beings soar through the cavern, battling each other. The reckless aggression causes severe rock-fall and cavern tremors, but allows a distraction enough for the prisoners to escape, while the Drow deal with another crisis.

- With the trunk of belongings in hand, the group use this moment of opportunity to flee through jumping through cobwebs into the waterfall that leads to a cavern floor far below. However, Ront's cowardice kicks in, and his fear of heights prevents him from falling, and ultimately gets him killed by a winged demonic being that ravages him. 

- The remaining prisoners survive the fall into the waterfall pool, where they encounter and defeat a Grey Ooze. Soon after, where giant spiders follow their escape path; Andromeda, Derendil and Eldeth are separated from the remaining prisoners, when another tremor causes a cave-in at the tunnel they elect to escape through. 


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