Rage of Demons

The Sunken Tomb

Something rotten is at the heart of Borremoss.

Having freshly arrived at the gloomy settlement of Borremoss, you are already exposed to news of a dangerous corruption festering from an unknown source; its dark effect tainting the local flora, including the Mire's Jewel, a healing flower of interest to Undyne.  So, with some information from the village yeoman, a rugged Merfolk named Nido, you begin your investigation into the corruption's source. Some villagers blame the meddlesome hag Maven Delve, while others would look towards the strange beasts roaming around the cemetery as a catalyst for this foul essence that has spread. Whatever the cause, it is your task to uncover the root of the evil; and destroy it at its source. 


Demi_Gorgon Demi_Gorgon

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